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Special After Summer Event - Adobe Usergroup


For this After Summer Event we can present you a interesting line-up.  This event was again organized by the Web team led by Bart Chanet, Wim Vanhenden and Andries De Reyghere.  And again they managed to find you a fabulous location at the old mine-site in Genk (C-Mine).  This location is easy to reach and you'll not be annoyed by traffic-jams.  Plenty of parking-space and a drink offered by the beautiful city of Genk will make this event a success-story.

Online sidescrolling game
Alwyn Wymeersch
Multimediacollege had the pleasure of developing a side scrolling game together with Tipik, who were in charge of the concept and (excellent) artwork. In this session, Alwyn is going to talk about how this project was developed. About the fun parts and the less fun parts and which techniques were used to achieve certain goals. In this session, we'll cover both the architecture of the game as well as the in-house developed AIR level editor. On top of this, you'll get some tips and tricks and one bite ready code optimizations.

33 milliseconds in hell
David Lenaerts
The 30 frames per second benchmark, plunging your cpu into the bowels of hell every single frame, over and over again, all in the name of "real time graphics". Whether you're into game development, visual experiments, or demanding experience sites, as a Flash developer you'll inevitably go down that route, cursing and swearing.
In this guided tour through the nine circles of hell, we'll visit some basic survival tactics and tools to keep the devil at bay, such as Away3D, Pixel Bender, Alchemy and a healthy dose of plain common sense. (Bring your own pitchforks!)

Top secret stuff
Serge Jespers


Being a platform evangelist, Serge knows stuff we don't... but this is about to change: he's revealing a well kept secret for us!

Datum: donderdag, 30/09/2010 - 19:00
Locatie: C-Mine, Genk

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