Dingt brief Angelina Jolie mee op het reclamefestival van Cannes?

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Reclamemaker Tim Driesen, Creative Director bij Famous, vraagt aan actrice Angelina Jolie om haar open brief in The New York Times in te sturen voor het reclamefestival van Cannes.
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A question: would you be willing to submit your letter to the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival? In the category ‘Titanium & Integrated’. I know, it costs a bit of money. But if that’s a problem, I’d be more than happy to front the fee on your behalf. You would be doing our industry an enormous favour. And if the jury really wants to make a statement, then I’m convinced you have a strong chance of taking the stage in Cannes. I know it’s not exactly the Cannes Film Festival. But hey, it is the same stage.
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